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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Spine Worx Chiropractic & Decompression  patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in health,

Dr. Scott Sieja

“Always Treated Well”

“I am always treated well and on time. Friendly helpful staff.” Ouida P.

“Hats off to Dr. Scott Sieja!”

“First, he is a compassionate man.Secondly, not only does he know his profession, but also, he is able to convey what he is doing and why to the patient in lay terms. In just a few visits my back injury is appreciably better.Additionally, Lissa Sieja who handles the office end, is a warm, knowledgeable, and helpful person as well. I feel like I have made two new friends and not just found a new doctor. As a former teacher, I give Dr. Sieja resounding A plus. I highly recommend him.”Kathy P

Dr. Sieja is very Genuine

“Dr. Sieja is very easy to talk to and very genuine. I had a great experience with chiropractic care and will definitely refer my friends and family to him.” J.B.

Low Back Pain

“I was experiencing low-back pain. After being adjusted and treated with acupuncture, I could tell a difference after only two treatments. I felt the Dr. cared about me. He helped me understand my problem and what he could do to help me. He is now the Chiropractor to my two children as well!” K. R.

Great Doctor

“Great Doctor, warm friendly staff made me feel very comfortable. Had never seen a chiropractor before but Dr. Sieja was kind and patient and took time to explain things look my normal doctor never has. Got great results and was given home exercises to help me heal up much faster.” J.R.

I have Confidence in Dr. Sieja

“I have confidence in Dr. Sieja. He displays confidence in himself and his work.” D. B.

Daily Migraines

“After suffering with daily migraines for 12 years I thought that they were just something I would always have to suffer with. It’s been 3 months since my last migraine, Thank you so very much, you gave me my life back.” E.T.

Dr. Scott A. Sieja

Dr. Scott and Lissa

Dr. Scott and Lissa

When my family found out I was taking hundreds of tablets of Ibuprofen per month fighting off the low back pain and the accompanying headaches, I was urged to visit a chiropractor. I did, Dr. Fred Arnold, and after a few weeks, the headaches were gone and the low back pain was non-existent. I was cured, or so I thought.

A few years later in 1991, after a weekend of landscaping I herniated a lumbar disc. I thought the pain would resolve on its own. Boy was I wrong, by the time I sought help it was too late and I was forced into surgery. The surgeon performed an L3 laminectomy and discectomy and again I thought I’m cured. In 1993 I had a car accident and broke my foot. I walked on a horribly deformed foot for an additional year and a half, which in turn gave me a stiff low back.
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I had surgery to repair my foot and walked on crutches, in a boot, for 12 more weeks. Shortly thereafter, I herniated another lumbar disc. This time though, I made a same day appointment with the chiropractor and started treatment. Within one month, I was out of pain and was very faithful to follow all the rules the chiropractor had given me. I even quit smoking thinking I was going to be more healthy individual. I promptly put on 30 pounds and gained it so fast that I developed an umbilical hernia which had to be surgically repaired.

Over the ensuing years I gained an additional 45 pounds to a whopping 212 pounds. I was as thick as I was wide, I was round. My cholesterol had sky rocketed and my energy had bottomed out. I tried dieting but couldn’t seem to lose weight. I did get down to 190 pounds a few times on a starvation diet. I became resolved I was going to remain fat until I died. Then in 2004 I started to learn about nutrition, taking classes to broaden mine and my families understanding. After some health issues, we went raw. That means eating only vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Occasionally we enjoyed sashimi (raw fish) at our favorite restaurants. Over the next 6 or 7 months, I lost a total of 75 pounds and gained a lifetime of health. I have successfully kept that weight off these past years by making better choices and having a wife who was even more interested in nutrition than I.

Lissa Sieja

Lissa Before

Lissa Before

I’ll be honest with you. I had never been to a chiropractor in my life. I was in my forties, tired and suffering the effects of fibromyalgia and scoliosis. I tired to work out as much as possible but my muscles were uneven and setups were painful and impossible due to my broken tailbone.

I met the man who is now my husband and he started to educate me to the possibility of a pain free lifestyle through chiropractic and diet changes. It worked so well that within 5 months I had become fit enough to become a Lady Wing Walker!

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